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Lithuanian engineering company turns to the cloud for infrastructure reliability

UAB Kelprojektas Adas Keserauskas IT Manager at Kelprojektas
An important part of our critical infrastructure is now in the cloud. We are possibly one of the first companies in Lithuania to move infrastructure and software to the cloud, but given the benefits we won’t be the last for sure.

Kelprojektas wanted to strengthen its IT infrastructure and moved from an unreliable on-premise solution to a cloud-based infrastructure based around Windows Azure and Office 365 which provides it with great reliability, unbeatable cost savings and enviable flexibility.

Business Needs

Kelprojektas is currently the largest group of transport infrastructure engineering companies in Lithuania. Founded in the 1956 it has an enviable pedigree in designing a wide number of engineering projects, from road building to bridge and railway engineering. It is also involved in other areas too, including port engineering, geological surveys and territorial planning. With six offices and approximately 260 employees a robust IT infrastructure is central to its operations. However, its existing infrastructure wasn’t reliable:

  • A data center at Kaunas, close to its headquarters, wasn’t dependable;
  • There was no redundant power system nor active fire protection system;
  • Consequently it was at risk of fire and water damage and power outages;
  • It had already experienced a power outage, and while only lasting 30 minutes, it had a critical impact on its operations;
  • The risks to its email Exchange server were too great to ignore.


Email communications are absolutely central to Kelprojektas operations for communication about its engineering projects. Consequently the company consulted with IT partner ALBARS to assess the viability of a cloud-based email system. Adas Keserauskas, IT Manager, Kelprojektas, said: “There is a long history within the company using Windows as a platform so with ALBARS we looked at the Office 365 system and Azure and it was clear we would have far greater reliability than our on-premise solution.” As a result Kelprojektas tasked ALBARS with implementing Office 365 and Windows Azure:

  • Exchange Online provides hosted email services running on globally redundant Microsoft servers
  • Delivers business email, calendar and contacts on a PC, smartphone and web browser and includes automatic malware detection
  • Extremely reliable solution supported by 24/7 IT support
  • Lync Online and SharePoint, components of Office 365, provide greater and more reliable communication options
  • Windows Azure enables disaster recovery platform with integrated Active Directory


  • Office 365 implemented quickly and reliably within four week time frame
  • Totally independent from on-premise infrastructure with far greater reliability
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service delivered from the cloud enabling cost savings and greater flexibility
  • High levels of service with strict SLAs to meet Kelprojektas requirements
  • Cloud-based infrastructure provide ‘elastic’ infrastructure making future growth easy, straightforward and cost-effective
  • Plans to migrate other infrastructure components to the cloud such as SQL Server and databases
  • Robust disaster recovery platform
  • Estimated cost savings of at least 15% when comparing like-for-like services against on-premise infrastructure
  • Easier and more cost-effective web-based communications thanks to Lync Online and SharePoint

Microsoft Case Study: Kelprojektas Case study

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