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Cloud services infrastructure

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We offer expansion and growth of the performance of your IT infrastructure due to cloud technologies. Windows Azure provides the flexibility of configuration of the necessary services and applications. We will help you to determine a common approach that is optimal for your company and integrate the local infrastructure with cloud solutions.

  • We help to choose a migration path “to the cloud” and migrate your IT infrastructure.
  • We configure the hybrid solutions.
  • Identity management in Windows Azure.
  • Cloud-native solutions

We help to choose a migration path “to the cloud”:

Windows Azure can be used as PaaS or IaaS. The platform as a service (PaaS) provides the user with an environment, in which you can install your own applications and services. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides a greater control over resources. We will study the needs of your company in expanding the functionality and increase of performance and offer the option of Windows Azure at optimal cost and capabilities.

We configure the hybrid solutions:

Your local IT infrastructure will be expanded through services and applications, launched in Windows Azure. This is a dynamic scaling of resources in order to meet the growing demand for processing capacity. The advantage of this approach – the payment of operating expenses (for actually consumed resources) instead of long-term investments in design, procurement and implementation of new components of your infrastructure.

Identity management in Windows Azure:

An important aspect of the use of cloud technologies – safety. Control of access to the resources, multifactor authentication, single sign-on for all applications and services – Azure Active Directory provides you with all tools to ensure security.

Cloud solutions from the manufacturer:

Windows Azure offers its own cloud-based solutions for a wide range of tasks. Automatic scaling, deployment of thousands of application instances in a few minutes, balance of load and monitoring of operability – due to these possibilities Windows Azure becomes your reliable partner.

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